ToggleClass - Behind the Scenes

What we saw before is basically the same application of the ToggleClass jQuery property.
After loading the page we send a request to change on click some attributes, to remove some classes and to change and/or add some CSS properties. The code below shows all the sequence of the jQuery call.

// Change attributes by Giorgio Riccardi

	var $this = $(this);
	if($this.text() == "Magical jQuery >>"){
		// Elements to change on click
		$('.java-img').attr('src', 'images/logo/jscript_big.png');
		//this will just add another class...
		// override the one before, it depends on the cascade order!!
			'display'	: 'block',
			'font-family': '"PT Sans",sans-serif',
			'color'	  : 'grey',
			'font-size'  : '1.5em',
			'font-style' : 'italic',
 			'text-indent': '80px',
			'font-weight': 'bold'
		$('.signature').css('float', 'right');
		$this.text('Next >>');

}); // end of Change attributes by Giorgio Riccardi
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